Section steel production and processing

Section steel production and processing

Steel sections are steel with specific cross-sectional shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, trapezoidal and other shapes, and they are usually used in construction, bridges, ships, machinery and equipment, automobiles, railroads and other industries. Section steel is a very common material for building structure, which can bear weight and has high strength and stability, so it is widely used in building structure.

Common types of section steel

H-beam: H-beam is a type of steel with an H-shaped cross-section, which is usually used for load-bearing members such as beams and columns in building structures.

I-beam: I-beam is a kind of steel with I-shaped cross-section, usually used for beams and columns and other load-bearing members in large-span buildings.

U-beam: U-beam is a kind of steel with U-shaped cross-section, usually used for wall structure, bridge and other load-bearing members in building structure.

Angle steel: Angle steel is a kind of steel with equilateral L-shaped cross-section, usually used in building structures as connectors, supports, guardrails and other components.

Steel Sections can be produced and processed by cold-formed or hot-rolled methods. Cold-formed sections are usually obtained by cold-forming hot-rolled steel, such as strip steel, and are suitable for the production of smaller quantities and smaller sizes of sections. Hot-rolled sections are obtained by heating the billet to a high temperature and then rolling it, and are suitable for producing larger batches and larger sizes of sections.

In a word, section steel is a common structural material for construction, with high strength and stability to bear weight, so it is widely used in construction, bridge, ship, machine and equipment, automobile, railroad and other industries.

Nowadays, steel sections have become an essential structural material for buildings, bridges, machines and equipment. With the increasing globalization, more and more companies are seeking wider markets, and exporting steel sections has become one of the important choices for many companies. As a company capable of exporting steel sections, our company has the following advantages.

A wide range of specifications

Our company is able to provide many different specifications of sections, including H-beams, I-beams, U-beams, angles and many other types. Also, we can customize different specifications of sections according to the specific requirements of our customers.


High Quality

Our company has rich experience and technology in section steel production and processing, which can guarantee the high quality of our products. The raw materials we use are of high quality, and we also strictly adhere to production and quality management standards to ensure that our products meet domestic and international standards.


Competitive prices

Our company exports steel sections at competitive prices and we are able to offer reasonable prices to our customers and strive for a higher market share while maintaining product quality.


Timely delivery

Our company has advanced production equipment and efficient production process, which can ensure timely delivery with quality assurance. We also have an excellent logistics system to ensure that our products reach our customers on time and safely.


Excellent service

Our company focuses on customer service, and we have a professional customer service team that can provide a full range of services to our customers. We will provide all kinds of related technical support and after-sales service according to customers' requirements to ensure that customers have no worries when using our products.


In conclusion, our company is able to export various specifications of steel sections with the advantages of high quality, competitive price, timely delivery and excellent service. If you have any demand for exporting steel sections, please contact us and we will provide you with satisfactory products and services.