Processing technology and technology development of SS400 steel plate

Processing technology and technology development of SS400 steel plate

SS400 steel plate is a commonly used structural steel material, commonly used in the manufacture of various components and components. The development of its processing technology and technology mainly includes:

1. Cutting processing: Common cutting methods include flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, water cutting, etc. These methods can be selected according to different requirements.

2. Cold forming: The SS400 steel plate is bent and formed by cold forming mechanical equipment, which is used to make bending components and pipelines.

3. Welding process: Welding is a common connection method in SS400 steel plate processing, including manual arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas shielded welding, etc., the technology continues to develop, and the quality of welding seams has been improved.

4. Surface treatment: including shot blasting, galvanizing, spraying anti-corrosion, etc., to improve its corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

5. Numerical control machining: With the development of numerical control technology, CNC cutting, CNC stamping and other equipment are widely used in SS400 steel plate processing, improving the processing accuracy and efficiency.

6. Heat treatment: Heat treatment of SS400 steel plate can change its organizational structure and performance, such as tempering treatment, quenching treatment, etc., to improve its strength and toughness.

7. Automated production: With the improvement of industrial automation, the application of automation equipment in SS400 steel plate processing is more and more extensive, improving production efficiency and product quality.

In general, with the progress of science and technology and the continuous development of the process, the processing technology and technology of SS400 steel plate are also constantly improving and improving to meet the needs of different industries for material properties and processing quality.