Commo Grades of High-quality Carbon Structural Steel

Commo Grades of High-quality Carbon Structural Steel

 The so-called high-quality carbon structural steel refers to carbon steel containing less than 0.8% carbon. This kind of steel contains less sulfur, phosphorus and non-metallic inclusions than carbon structural steel, and has better mechanical properties. Preferably carbon steel holding abbreviated carbon steel, preferably steel commonly known, various machine parts are manufactured of steel. Here, according to the summary, China Standard Parts Network shared some models of high-quality carbon structural steel.

1, 08 and 08F steel, used for rolling thin plates, deep-drawn products, oil drums, high-grade enamel products, and can also be used to make pipes, gaskets and carburizing and cyanide parts with low core strength requirements, welding electrodes .

2, 10# and 10F steel are use deep-pressed deep drawing products below 4mm, such as deep drawing vessels and shells. It can also manufacture boiler tubes, tank tops, steel strips, steel wires, welded parts, and mechanical parts.

3, 15# and 15F steel are used to manufacture carburized parts, fastening parts, stamping and forging die parts and low load parts without heat treatment, such as bolts, screws, flanges and receptacles for chemical machinery, steam Boiler, etc.

4, 20# steel is mainly used for various mechanical parts that do not withstand great stress and require toughness, such as tie rods, bushings, screws, lifting hooks, etc .; also can be used to manufacture non-corrosive media at 60 atmospheres and below 450 ° C It can also be used for carburizing and cyanide parts with low core strength, such as shaft sleeves, chain rollers, shafts, and unimportant gears and sprockets.

5, 25# steel, used as mechanical parts for hot forging and hot stamping, cyanide parts on metal cutting machine tools, and shafts, rollers, connectors, washers, bolts, nuts, etc. that are not heavily loaded in heavy and medium-sized machinery manufacturing, Can also be used as cast steel.

6, 30# steel is used for hot forging and hot stamping mechanical parts, cold drawing, shafts, tie rods, collars for heavy and general machinery, and castings for machinery, such as cylinders, steam turbine frames, rolling mill frames And parts, machine frames and flywheels.

7, 35# steel is used for making hot forged and hot stamped mechanical parts, cold drawn and cold top forged steel, seamless steel tubes, parts in mechanical manufacturing, castings, forging machine shafts and compressors in heavy and medium machinery manufacturing The cylinder and reducer shaft can also be used to cast the turbine body, flywheel and equalizer.

8, 40# steel is used for manufacturing machine moving parts, such as rollers, shafts, connecting rods, discs, etc. As well as train axles, it can also be used for cold drawing, steel plates, steel strips, seamless pipes, etc.

9, 45# steel, used for manufacturing moving parts of steam turbines, compressors, pumps; it can also replace carburized steel to make gears, shafts, piston pins and other parts (the parts need to be quenched by high frequency or flame surface); Used as castings.

10, 50# steel, used to manufacture parts with high abrasion resistance, low dynamic load and impact, such as cast gears, tie rods, rolls, etc .; manufacture of relatively minor springs, digging hoe on agricultural machinery, heavy-duty Mandrels and shafts, etc., and can manufacture castings.

11, 55# steel, used to manufacture connecting rods, rolls, gears, flat springs, rims, rims, etc., can also be used as castings.

12, 60#-65# steel, used to manufacture springs, spring coils, various washers, clutches, and the manufacture of shafts, rollers, eccentric shafts, etc. in general machinery.

13, 70#-85# steel, used to make springs and springs, steel wire for steel wire ropes and high-hardness parts, such as plows, hoe, tram wheels, etc.

14, 15Mn-25Mn steel, used to manufacture parts with high mechanical properties and carburizing of the central part.

15, 30Mn-35Mn steel, mainly used to manufacture bolts, nuts, screw levers, pedals and so on. And can use cold drawing to manufacture small parts that work under high stress, such as hooks, loops, chains on agricultural machinery.

16, 40Mn-45Mn steel, used to manufacture parts under fatigue load, such as crankshafts, connecting rods, etc .; can also be used as screws, nuts and so on under high stress.

17.50Mn-55Mn steel is used to manufacture parts with high wear resistance and heat treatment under high load, such as gears, gear shafts, friction disks, rollers and springs.

18, 60Mn-70Mn steel, used to make springs and ploughshares.