Before the Spring Festival the Steel Market Will Close in Calm

Before the Spring Festival the Steel Market Will Close in Calm

 Today(January 10th), the black line maintains a rising trend, but the overall increase is not large, and it basically fluctuates around the 3500 yuan. External news sources, as the US-Iraq conflict has been digested, in addition, the US Congress is expected to vote this week to limit Trump's war power, the market mentality has eased. The increase in the mainstream futures of thread futures is significantly larger than the increase.


The spot market price consolidates in a narrow range, the thread price is slightly loose, other varieties basically remain sideways, the mainstream of the transaction is light, there are winter storage requirements in some regions, and speculative demand in most regions is more cautious. At present, the demand from the terminal has gradually weakened, and this week there will be a succession of steel traders and terminal construction companies starting to take holidays.


  It is reported that the southern part of the convoy will be closed on the 10th, and long-distance transportation will be stopped. Short-distance and unloading will not be affected temporarily. The first snowfall of the new year has not completely melted, and the nationwide large-scale rain and snow weather will come again. The increasingly weak market will be lighter, and transportation will also be affected.


  From the current point of view, no matter the winter storage or the terminal market before the holiday, particularly large actions may no longer appear.


  In terms of prices, according to monitoring data, today, the average price of Ф25mm three-level rebar in key domestic cities is 3791 yuan (ton price, the same below), down 4 yuan from yesterday; the average price of Ф6.5mm high-line in key domestic cities is 4034 yuan, It is 1 yuan higher than yesterday; the average price of 5.5mm hot rolled coil in key domestic cities is 3838 yuan, which is the same as yesterday; the average price of 1.0mm cold plate in key domestic cities is 4382 yuan, which is 2 yuan lower than yesterday; 20mm in key domestic cities The average price of the middle board was 3,795 yuan, up 1 yuan from yesterday.


  In terms of raw materials, today, Q235 carbon steel billet 150 * 150 in Changli, Tangshan area was 3,310 yuan, up 10 yuan from yesterday; the price of 61.5% grade PB iron ore in Jingtang Port was 695 yuan, down 10 yuan from yesterday; Grade metallurgical coke including tax to the factory price of 1960 yuan, unchanged from yesterday. (source from