ASTM B338-2 Seamless titanium tubes Overview

ASTM B338-2 Seamless titanium tubes Overview

ASTM B338-2 titanium tubes refer to seamless or welded tubes made from commercial pure (CP) Grade 2 titanium, a non-alloyed type of titanium with UNS number R50400. The minimum titanium content range for ASTM B338-2 titanium tubes is approximately 98.925% to 99.5% by weight. ASTM B338-2 Titanium tubes are mainly used in the manufacture of surface condensers, evaporators and heat exchangers. These applications typically require excellent corrosion resistance as well as high manufacturing ductility, but relatively low strength in use. ASTM B338-2 titanium tubes can be further machined into spiral tubes, U-shaped tubes, serpentine tubes, concentric coils, and other special shapes.

Commercial pure titanium has very good thermal conductivity, about 50% higher than stainless steel. In addition, experience has shown that even if the water speed is 10 meters per second, it will not cause any erosion, cavitation or shock attack in the titanium tube. ASTM B338-2 titanium tubes are particularly suitable for heat exchangers where the cooling medium is seawater, brackish water and sewage. Thin-walled titanium tubes for condensers can usually be used with zero corrosion allowance.

The chemical compositions of ASTM B338-2 titanium tubes:

















The Mechanical Properties of ASTM B338-2 titanium tubes:

Tensile Strength min. MPa [ksi]

345 [50]

Yield Strength  0.2% offset MPa [ksi]

275-450 [40-65]

Elongation in  2" min. %


Expansion in  I.D min. %


Welded or seamless made of ASTM B338-2 titanium tubes are widely used in steam turbine power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, air conditioning systems, multistage flash, desalination and steam compression plants, offshore platforms, surface ships and submarines, and swimming pool heat pumps.